Safety Box Evo5
Safety Box Evo5
Safety Box Evo5
Safety Box Evo5

Safety Box Evo5

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Style nummer: BOXV2EVO5

Farve: EVO5

Safety Box Evo5

The avalanche set includes an EVO5 transceiver, an ACCESS TS shovel and a SPARK 240 probe.

EVO5 transceiver:
35 years of ARVA know-how have gone into the EVO 5, and the R&D team has gone to the limits of what is possible to keep the design so compact that the device fits perfectly in your jacket pocket, despite the best performance The EVO5 is equipped with all the necessary functions required by avalanche victims: 50 m search strip width, GROUP CHECK mode, Marking function, automatic return to transmit mode, interference management. Equipped with a backlit display and a speaker that produces a precise, modulated tone, it will guide you safely to the burial site.

Technical data: - Transceiver

Maximum range: 50m
Search strip width: 50m
Dimensions: 111 mm length x 72mm width x 20mm height
Weight (incl. batteries): 165g


  • GROUP CHECK MODE tests transmit frequency and power.
  • MARKING FUNCTION identifies buried subjects already found.
  • MULTIPLE VICTIMARY indicator shows a "+" if there are more than 3 victims.
  • 3 ANTENNAS improves the chances of finding a signal and for larger Precision in the fine search.
  • DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSING guides rescuers more efficiently towards the burial zone.
  • AUTO-TEST lets the instrument perform a diagnosis to check whether all the main functions are working properly.
  • BACKLIT SCREEN offers high contrast in all conditions and under all lighting conditions.
  • AUTOMATIC REVERT-TO-TRANSMIT MODE: Timer setting (8min) via motion sensor in case of a secondary avalanche.
  • INTERFERENCE MANAGEMENT allows the user to adjust the search technique in an area with significant signal interference
  • U-TURN ALARM lets the rescuer know that he/she is moving in the wrong direction.

ACCESS TS - Shovel:

The Access TS model is designed for skiers who regularly ski in the backcountry. In rescue situations, the light and compact avalanche shovel with telescopic shaft proves to be particularly efficient. The 2.0 mm thick shovel blade and the oval shaft guarantee stiffness and durability.

Technical data

Weight: 620g
Optimized shovel blade: 24cm length x 24cm width x 2,0 mm thick
shovel length: 57cm - 72cm

Ergonomic T-handle.
PIN Lock locking: shovel and shaft can be assembled quickly and easily.
Strong and durable aluminium blade
Oval aluminium telescopic shaft: 35cm long when retracted

SPARK 240 probe:
Simple design and extreme versatility are the hallmarks of the Spark avalanche probe, which is very efficient in all conditions. Its optimal packing size makes it the ideal companion for all ski and snowboard Snowboard tours.

Technical data

Pipe diameter : 12mm
Weight : 250g
Tubes: 8 á 30cm
Length stretched: 240 cm

Strong and durable aluminium tubes made of 7075
Stainless steel drawstring
Pin LOCK locking system: a simple pull on the pull handle makes the probe ready for use
Pull handle makes it easier to extend the probe and snaps comfortably on the shaft.
Precise markings on the probe indicate the snow depth

Køn: Unisex


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